Barry mon Amour

Turns out that we’ve done quite a few crazy things back in the day (and today, when I come to think of it). Once we invited a cow (named Corinne Mauch, no kidding) to our flagshipstore in Zurich. Then we printed our own newspaper. And today we will share with you one of the cutest of our shootings, dating back to 2007, and featuring an adorable Saint Bernard dog.


In Switzerland, there is one Saint Bernard whose name every child knows; his name is Barry and he was trained to recover people that were trapped in avalanches. He lived from 1800 to 1814 and is said to have saved the lives of over forty people. Some people say that around his neck he carried a wooden box filled with Schnaps (booze) to warm up the people he found in the snow. It goes without saying that this sort of care taking makes him very loveable in the eyes of the Swiss. We dedicate this post to him, one of our favourite Swiss national heroes.


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