They call it the Woodstock of snowboarding – the Longboard Classic Race, which is held annually in Stuben. Every April, hundreds of participants from various countries gather in Austria to celebrate snowboarding in its original form. Imagine the scene: 400 passionate snowboarders riding down the slopes on their oldest and most cherished boards! Naturally, we wanted to be a part of this and have sponsored the Longboard Classic for many years now. Last weekend, we packed a few of our vintage snowboards and went to a trip across the alps to see our old friends and celebrate the spirit of snowboarding.

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After hellos and an insane party on our first night, on Saturday we got ready to hit the slopes in our vintage equipment. Unfortunately, it was really foggy that day, which meant that we could only ride half of the race. But everyone was in such a good mood that it didn’t really matter; we were there to have fun and man was it fun!!!



After the race, everyone was in the mood to celebrate, talking, dancing and watching old school snowboard videos.

We experienced a truly special moment when the clouds broke apart and revealed the sun, bathing the landscape surrounding us with the most beautiful light.

To see and meet all these people who have in some way or other contributed to the spirit of snowboarding around the world was nothing short of magic. It felt like we were all connected by means of our shared passion for winter sports, snow and the feeling of freedom that is so overwhelming when hitting the slopes.

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A huge THANKS to everyone who made this event happen! Check out their website for more information and the winner chart of this year’s race.

Check out their website for more photos and ranking lists: http://www.longboardclassic.com/

We’re already looking forward to next year!