Let’s go on a Road Trip…

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Vacations at the beach or in a city are great, but nothing beats a good old road trip. Wind in your hair, the smell of gasoline and leather and beautiful mother nature  or cityscapes surrounding you – the feeling of immersing yourself completely in the adventure, letting chance take over your destination… Nothing captures the essence of freedom quite like a road trip into the great wide open. We wanted to chase that feeling and decided to pack up our Alprausch leather jackets and hit the road, taking us to unknown places and leaving a lasting impression on us.


The breaks inbetween the driving are often the moments which we cherish the most. There’s plenty to lure you off the streets, and most of the times, you should give in to that. After all, that’s what adventure is all about.


The best experiences always come unexpectedly. LEATHER-9 LEATHER-12   LEATHER-27   LEATHER-8

And once you are back in reality, you’ll always remember the open streets, the paths you could follow and that flighty temptress, adventure, who is calling you again…


All leather jackets and the rest of the collection available in our stores and some of them online (shop.alprausch.com).

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