Alpventure Ebenalp


Now that it’s finally spring, we get to go on alpventures again! Most recently, we went to Ebenalp, where there’s a wonderful hike and breathtaking vistas. We highly recommend this hike – at least, once most of the snow has melted…


We started our journey in Wasserauen and took a cable car to Ebenalp. There are loads of possibilities there – a lot of people choose  to do a little climbing session on the rocks, and there are wonderful caves to explore – one in particular, which will lead to a century-old restaurant built into the stone wall.



Although we could have stayed in the restaurant (a “Beiz” as it’s called in Swiss German) all day, we decided to get moving and made our way upwards.


We were lucky; it was an absolutely beautiful day and it seemed like nature was awaking from it’s winter sleep.



The higher we got, the more snow there still was. At first, we thought that wasn’t a problem – at some point, though, when the snow reached up all the way to our hips, we decided to go a little further down and take the direct route to the Seealpsee lake.



Well, at some point we figured out that maybe this isn’t the most child-friendly route – as a sign in the middle of the route points out.


Finally, after almost 3 hours of hiking, we arrived at the lake, where we enjoyed the wonderful view and great food at the local restaurant. Once again, we experienced that in the mountains, you have to be on the lookout at all times and be prepared that anything can happen, especially changing conditions and surprising weather.



However, this view was definitely worth the wet feet!