Urban Surfing

We here at Alprausch are surf fanatics, but if you live in Switzerland, you need to be pretty committed to catch a wave once in a while. That is why we were realllllyy happy to be invited today to the summer wave at Gerold’s Garten! Our friend Chris Bachmann from Sudden Rush invited us to join their session. Of course, we were glad to oblige…



Rocking the Alps the Zurich way!

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Let’s go on a Road Trip…

logo 2


Vacations at the beach or in a city are great, but nothing beats a good old road trip. Wind in your hair, the smell of gasoline and leather and beautiful mother nature  or cityscapes surrounding you – the feeling of immersing yourself completely in the adventure, letting chance take over your destination… Nothing captures the essence of freedom quite like a road trip into the great wide open. We wanted to chase that feeling and decided to pack up our Alprausch leather jackets and hit the road, taking us to unknown places and leaving a lasting impression on us.


The breaks inbetween the driving are often the moments which we cherish the most. There’s plenty to lure you off the streets, and most of the times, you should give in to that. After all, that’s what adventure is all about.

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New Collection in our Stores!


Spring has sprung! Finally, we get to wear lighter colors and fabrics as we approach the summer months. Of course we have garnished our stores with our spring collection which waits to be explored by you…


If you dropped by our flagship store in Zurich in the last few days, you might have met our newest member of the shop crew, Patricia. A gorgeous and funny woman, we are loving how she wears our star patterned grey sweater these days – it’s the perfect staple for spring! But of course, we’ve got loads of styles for the men, too.


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They call it the Woodstock of snowboarding – the Longboard Classic Race, which is held annually in Stuben. Every April, hundreds of participants from various countries gather in Austria to celebrate snowboarding in its original form. Imagine the scene: 400 passionate snowboarders riding down the slopes on their oldest and most cherished boards! Naturally, we wanted to be a part of this and have sponsored the Longboard Classic for many years now. Last weekend, we packed a few of our vintage snowboards and went to a trip across the alps to see our old friends and celebrate the spirit of snowboarding.

IMG_3298   IMG_3322

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Pumpkin Heaven – Jucker Farm

Pumpkin Mushrooms

Here’s something you’ll have to add to your to-do list, especially if you’re a pumpkin lover: The Jucker farm near Zurich. It’s well known for its outstanding production of pumpkins – acorn, spaghetti sqash, butternut squash, you name it. The farm is also famous for its sculptures which are covered in pumpkins; this year, the motto was “flying” which led to a few amazing statues. Add appletree mazes, a café which serves out of this world cakes and a beautiful store which will fulfill all of your pumpkin (and other) dreams – and we’re sold. Quite literally, since we bought about 15 pumpkins – any recipe recommendations, anyone? We’d love to hear your pumpkin favourites!

PumpkinsDecorating PumpkinsYellow and green pumpkins

Pumpkin Overflow

Pumpkin Eagle

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