Pumpkin Heaven – Jucker Farm

Pumpkin Mushrooms

Here’s something you’ll have to add to your to-do list, especially if you’re a pumpkin lover: The Jucker farm near Zurich. It’s well known for its outstanding production of pumpkins – acorn, spaghetti sqash, butternut squash, you name it. The farm is also famous for its sculptures which are covered in pumpkins; this year, the motto was “flying” which led to a few amazing statues. Add appletree mazes, a café which serves out of this world cakes and a beautiful store which will fulfill all of your pumpkin (and other) dreams – and we’re sold. Quite literally, since we bought about 15 pumpkins – any recipe recommendations, anyone? We’d love to hear your pumpkin favourites!

PumpkinsDecorating PumpkinsYellow and green pumpkins

Pumpkin Overflow

Pumpkin Eagle

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Bloch around the World

Today we found out about the most amazing Swiss art project – Bloch by Com&Com. Here’s what it’s about in their own words:

The Bloch is part of an old carnival tradition from the Swiss region of Appenzell. When the last spruce tree is felled in the winter, the trunk – known as the Bloch – is pulled by twenty men from the village of Urnäsch to Herisau and back. At the end of this one-day procession, the trunk is sold to the highest bidder in the village square of Urnäsch to be processed into shingles or furniture.
In 2011, Com&Com bought the Bloch and planned to send it on a journey around the globe, with stops on every continent (2012-2015).


Our goal is to develop a new Bloch procession at each station based on local traditions. In the process, the original custom and its meaning will change, enter into a dialogue with foreign cultures and people, mix with new elements, and be reinterpreted. At every stage of the journey, something completely new will emerge. This art event will be accompanied by discussions (talks, symposia) and other cultural and social events (exhibits, festivals, music, theater), as well as individual artworks, short films, and a website.

What an amazing idea! To stay updated, check out the blog on their website: http://bloch23781.com/home/category/news/




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