Wir freuen uns, Euch die neue Frühlingkollektion 2016 zu präsentieren!

Mit viel Herzblut haben wir eine Kollektion entworfen, die unsere Liebe zum Detail und unsere Affinität zu modischen Strömungen widerspiegelt, ohne unsere Schweizer Werte wie Qualität und Nachhaltigkeit zu vergessen. Eine Kollektion die mit ihrer Originalität aus der Masse heraussticht. Aber schaut selber, ab sofort ist die Frühlingskollektion in unserem Onlinestore, in unseren +Alprauschläden und bei unseren Händlern erhältlich!

We are very proud to present the new spring 2016 collection!

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This was ISPO 2016!


Vor kurzem ging es für uns von Alprausch wieder einmal los nach München. Und zwar nicht ausschliesslich zum genussvollen Verzehr von Weisswürsten und Massen an köstlichem Bier sondern in erster Linie zur ISPO an der wir seit unserer Gründung im Jahr 2000 jeweils unsere Kollektionen vorstellen. Und die Reise hat sich einmal mehr gelohnt!

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Alpventure mit Lukas Furlan!


Je länger je mehr ist die Entwicklung einer neuen Outdoor-Bewegung zu beobachten. Auch junge Leute, die aus der Stadt kommen, fühlen sich von der Natur und schönen Landschaften angezogen. Ihr Ziel ist es ein Abenteuer zu erleben und die Natur neu zu entdecken. Wandern ist zu einer Kult-Sportart geworden. Oft werden diese Abenteuer durch Fotos dokumentiert, was sich vor allem auf den diversen sozialen Netzwerken zeigt.

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Winter is finally approaching and we at Alprausch can’t wait for it to start! Of course, we are ready for the colder temperatures with snow wear, jackets, knits and much more. Our former art director Marcos Perez, who is now a photographer, agreed to come back to us for one day and shoot our winter collection in the Swiss alps.

The results are absolutely stunning – and by the way, there is absolutely no photoshop involved in these pictures. He shot everything with an analog Contax 645 camera with 120mm film! Also, you might be familiar with the models – Julia and Max tagged along, Timmeeh of course too, and Larissa, who is a friend of the family and works at our shop in Zurich from time to time. Everyone was overjoyed to be able to spend a beautiful day in the Alps, and we are already planning our next alpventure…

For more pictures see our lookbook on the website.





SnowClothing RUSH-81.jpg





As Timmeeh will be featured quite prominently on our social media platforms next week, we thought we’d introduce you to him properly. He is the company’s sales manager, the Alprausch founder’s son and, as you may have guessed, the perfect in house model.

Always up to something, his role in the company alternates between being the good spirit and playing the poltergeist. In his free time, he loves to repair broken motorcycles and listening to various kinds of rock music. With his extrovert personality and outstanding people skills, he manages to lift anyone’s mood. I think we all agree that TIMMEEH ROCKS!!


ALPRAUSCH-AUTUMN-2015-30We’d like to introduce a new series called ‘My Favourite Alprausch Style’ on all our social media platforms, as sometimes brands can be very anonymous. We would like to change that and introduce you to the people who make Alprausch happen, along with their favourite pieces of the season.

People usually don’t believe us when we say that we are just a small number of people, 4 of whom are related ( i.e. Alprausch’s founders Andy and Nicole and their children) and the rest of whom we’ve sometimes known for their whole life. This is true, for example, of Roman, our male model from the Fall 2015 campaign which we have been posting in the last few days. He didn’t only model for us (the reason for which is self-explanatory – look at those eyes!), but he also worked for us on various occasions.

The Alprausch founders have known him since he was a baby, as he is the son of their former room mates, and he was actually born while they were still living in the same apartment. In this picture, Roman is wearing his favourite autumn piece  – the Öpfel Willhelm in blue, which of course matches his eyes perfectly.

Which one is your favourite Alprausch piece of the season? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram by tagging us in your photo or hashtagging it using #alprausch to get reposted!

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