ALPRAUSCH-AUTUMN-2015-30We’d like to introduce a new series called ‘My Favourite Alprausch Style’ on all our social media platforms, as sometimes brands can be very anonymous. We would like to change that and introduce you to the people who make Alprausch happen, along with their favourite pieces of the season.

People usually don’t believe us when we say that we are just a small number of people, 4 of whom are related ( i.e. Alprausch’s founders Andy and Nicole and their children) and the rest of whom we’ve sometimes known for their whole life. This is true, for example, of Roman, our male model from the Fall 2015 campaign which we have been posting in the last few days. He didn’t only model for us (the reason for which is self-explanatory – look at those eyes!), but he also worked for us on various occasions.

The Alprausch founders have known him since he was a baby, as he is the son of their former room mates, and he was actually born while they were still living in the same apartment. In this picture, Roman is wearing his favourite autumn piece  – the Öpfel Willhelm in blue, which of course matches his eyes perfectly.

Which one is your favourite Alprausch piece of the season? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram by tagging us in your photo or hashtagging it using #alprausch to get reposted!

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Autumn is here in all its glory, and with it also our new lookbook, showcasing some
pieces from the Alprausch Fall/Winter collection. We decided to head to the forest to shoot,
bringing with us old family friends to model.

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Alpventure Ebenalp


Now that it’s finally spring, we get to go on alpventures again! Most recently, we went to Ebenalp, where there’s a wonderful hike and breathtaking vistas. We highly recommend this hike – at least, once most of the snow has melted…


We started our journey in Wasserauen and took a cable car to Ebenalp. There are loads of possibilities there – a lot of people choose  to do a little climbing session on the rocks, and there are wonderful caves to explore – one in particular, which will lead to a century-old restaurant built into the stone wall.



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Let’s go on a Road Trip…

logo 2


Vacations at the beach or in a city are great, but nothing beats a good old road trip. Wind in your hair, the smell of gasoline and leather and beautiful mother nature  or cityscapes surrounding you – the feeling of immersing yourself completely in the adventure, letting chance take over your destination… Nothing captures the essence of freedom quite like a road trip into the great wide open. We wanted to chase that feeling and decided to pack up our Alprausch leather jackets and hit the road, taking us to unknown places and leaving a lasting impression on us.


The breaks inbetween the driving are often the moments which we cherish the most. There’s plenty to lure you off the streets, and most of the times, you should give in to that. After all, that’s what adventure is all about.

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The Beauty of Destruction

Yesterday while location hunting for a shooting we came across this gem of a place… There’s an eerie feel to it, with burned motorcycles, pick ups and buses perched on around 80 square meters in between the ruins of the cottages that stood there. Naturally, we were delighted with the location. It might not be the most picturesque of sights, but there is a whole lot of character in the obvious destruction that took place there. Nature is slowly starting to regain the man-made vehicles, turning the burned pieces into a moss-covered spectacle. We can’t wait to go back! More pictures coming soon.

Bikes in a row

Barry mon Amour

Turns out that we’ve done quite a few crazy things back in the day (and today, when I come to think of it). Once we invited a cow (named Corinne Mauch, no kidding) to our flagshipstore in Zurich. Then we printed our own newspaper. And today we will share with you one of the cutest of our shootings, dating back to 2007, and featuring an adorable Saint Bernard dog.


In Switzerland, there is one Saint Bernard whose name every child knows; his name is Barry and he was trained to recover people that were trapped in avalanches. He lived from 1800 to 1814 and is said to have saved the lives of over forty people. Some people say that around his neck he carried a wooden box filled with Schnaps (booze) to warm up the people he found in the snow. It goes without saying that this sort of care taking makes him very loveable in the eyes of the Swiss. We dedicate this post to him, one of our favourite Swiss national heroes.


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