Alprausch “Guetzli” (Cookie) Contest 2014

Last week, we held our annual cookie contest. Each and everyone of our co-workers were required to bake some christmas cookies and bring them along to our flagship store in Zurich. There, they were on display for everyone to judge: Which ones were the most creative ones? Additionally, the Alprausch team got to taste them and judge which were the tastiest. This year, we had two happy winners: Fröschli and Nicole. Congrats!!! If you were thinking of making some last-minute cookie baking action happening before Christmas and still need some inspiration, have a look at our cookies below!


laden15 guetzli2



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Winter is here!

Temperatures are dropping and those who love winter most of all the seasons are giddy to hit the slopes. Let’s dream of snowy peaks and cold wind blowing about our noses as you explore unknown regions covered in white…





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